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Tiny Town by TasmanianDevilzz
Tiny Town
It was those model thingy that developers use to promote like apartments and stuff. When I was little, I really wanted one of those to just turn my fingers into tiny people and run around. XD
Red Flower by TasmanianDevilzz
Red Flower
I wish I could have come up with a much better title. adiefhoac
Bamboo Fence by TasmanianDevilzz
Bamboo Fence
I would love to have a bamboo fence in my future garden. <3
22 deviations
Duckies In A Pool by TasmanianDevilzz
Duckies In A Pool
I seriously need someone to help me come up with titles. 
Sulphur Mine by TasmanianDevilzz
Sulphur Mine
Let's just say this, it stinks. Badly. Thank god pictures does not document the smell or something. Cause it would ruin the beautiful picture. XD
Flying by TasmanianDevilzz
Watching the sunset in an aeroplane is strangely very magical. 
Yellow Brick Road (ish) by TasmanianDevilzz
Yellow Brick Road (ish)
Okay, yes I know it's so not yellow, nor is it made out of bricks, or is it even a road? I don't think so. 

I am not particularly proud of this picture, nor am I satisfied by it but what the heck. I have nothing else to post and I have a sudden urge to post one. :3 
Star of the Sea by TasmanianDevilzz
Star of the Sea
Sorry, kind of running out of ideas for new pictures. I took this goodness knows how long ago XD I'm not all that satisfied with it at the time I took it but when I looked at it I just went eh. Why not? 
It Was A Dream by TasmanianDevilzz
It Was A Dream
Once, this rose was blooming
Now, it was just a dream

I just love it how this rose was so beautiful when it was blooming and although it is wilting now, it still looks beautiful. Makes sense? :P

Well, I liked how the picture turned out. XD I forgot where the quote came from. Heck, I'm not even sure whether I quoted it right. Oh brother. :D…


TasmanianDevilzz's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

Just hyper. As always. :3
Comic book junkie
Watching anime is fun. :D

I write stuff?…

I read books. A lot of books.…

Let's talk about anime! :D Go anime planet!…

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Wow, finals are closing in and yet I'm sitting here, cracking my head on what to post for the competition right here!
(*cue dramatic funfare) :dance:

Capture your dream and win!
Hi guys! Our team member Aadavy has prepared a pretty wicked contest for you all! Let’s take a look at that.
THEME: Dream. Yeah, it’s that simple. Create whatever you imagine when you hear this word. Capture what you dream about during sleep. Or your deepest nightmares that are able to make you wake up. Or something you want to achieve or what you’d like to happen even when you know it’s not possible…just your dream. This is an opportunity to show off your art skills and creativity with something personal to you!MEDIA ACCEPTED: Traditional and Digital art, Photography and Artisan crafts
DEADLINE: Last day of submission: 20.12.2015 you have got about 8 weeks to dream!
JUDGES: Team of Love-artists. Your deviation will be judged based on originality, skill, effort and link to the theme.
RULES: There are

  When I saw this journal, I was like wow, why not? The theme is perfect, I have the perfect picture in my head, let's do this! Let this be the first ever competition I joined!

  So, like the idiot I am, I jump the bullet and submitted way way wayyyyyy before the deadline. (Too excited maybe? It is my first competition I ever actively participated before :blush: ) I don't even think I gave enough thought to it, I just went yup and bam. Sighh... I feels as if I spent an eternity doing this when I only spent what, five days? 

  But then again, I had this picture planned in my head 60020934092 days ago and was too lazy to actually do anything. But I actually did! And just in time too! :shakefist: It was definitely a dream I dreamed of capturing which I finally did after much procrastination. (Okay, that didn't make sense but eh)

  I had so much fun creating this picture (we were having an intense water fight and shaving cream showdown 3 seconds before I took this picture) like the kid I am. Which I'm actually not anymore, but I still refuse to acknowledge that. I am a kid at :heart:

Okay, getting awfully sidetracked here, but that's what happens when I had to much sugar out of nervousness. 
  Ahem. So I just like to take this opportunity and thank Aadavy and Love-Artists for giving the chance for me (this train wreck) to get my lazy-ass off the floor and do something completely new for me. :) (although I've been on DA for nearly 3 years now)

Ah, my artwork. The End of The Rainbow by TasmanianDevilzz  Yeah. That. 

Dear God, I'm pathetic. 


I decided to post a second picture. 

It Was A Dream by TasmanianDevilzz

Yup. That. 

     I received that rose one day, during Breast Cancer Awareness Day (or week.) They were giving out free roses to every girl and women alike. Unfortunately, when I received it, I was to be out for the next three hours. So this poor rose was pretty squashed up when I finally reached home and retrieved it from the depths of my bag.

     Miraculously, even though it looked half wilted, it still bloomed after putting it into a bottle! (it was the day I realised that I actually own no vases.) And it lasted for nearly three weeks! I was pleasantly surprised and shocked. And now, it had finally wilted. I found the golden colour really pretty, even though it had wilted. So I was like hey, that's a dream right? A dream to stay pretty although it has already wilted.

Okay, no. I am making no sense right now. Oh well. 

Teehee tummytums
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